How to use our Double-Edge Safety Razors

How to use our Double-Edge Safety Razors

Choosing the right razor to integrate into your daily routine can be something of a minefield. As if the wide range of creams, balms and solutions wasn’t enough to confuse you, the number of options when it comes to the razors themselves can be baffling.

Our Cutlass and Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razors are a lower-risk option to the Cut-Throat open razor, offering a smooth and close shave without the need for such steady hands. It’s weightier than your standard cartridge razor, meaning that less pressure is required to achieve the desired finish.

With that being said, let’s go through step by step how to use your double-edge safety razor;

  1. Both our Cutlass and Scimitar Razor use double-edge blades can be purchased separately. To insert the blade, unscrew the razor head from the handle, separate the top cap from base plate then place your blade onto the location pins on the top cap. Replace the base plate with the curved edge facing towards the blade then screw head back onto the handle. Ensure you use a sharp blade to get a clean shave. We recommend each blade lasts approximately a week, depending on usage.


  1. Start by wetting the skin with warm water. Whip up a lather with our Shaving Cream, and Shaving Brush, or our Brushless Shaving Solution if you don’t have a shaving brush to hand.


  1. Hold the razor between a 30 to 40 degree angle. Apply little to no pressure, allowing the weight of the razor to do the work.


  1. Take your time, using short strokes of the razor. To ensure even wear on the blade be sure to use both sides of the razor, swapping the edge used with each rinse of the blade. Keep the skin taut, where there may be a bit of excess skin, using your fingers to stretch the skin. It helps to think of the shaving like ironing – you need a flat surface!


Now that we have the basics covered, it’s important to look after your razor. Unlike cartridge razors that you can just throw away, our double-edge safety razors have the added value of longevity! But... only if you look after it properly!


  1. After use you need to clean you razor correctly. Dismantle the razor and rinse off any soap residue, along with any hair that may be trapped, wipe dry with a cloth.
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